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British Horseracing Authority beaten into submission by ... British Horseracing Authority beaten into submission by rebel jockeys

By giving in to the petulant complaints by jockeys about the new whip rules, the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has again demonstrated that it doesn’t have the courage, competence or strategic intelligence to act as the regulator for British... The BHA must stand firm on new whipping rules

With the growing jockey rebellion over the new, more restrictive whip regime, Animal Aid has urged the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) to resist the temptation to weaken either the new rules on how the whip can be used or the penalties for breaches... Would you eat dog for dinner?

Celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has shocked the nation by claiming that eating a dog is no different from eating a pig. Animal Aid welcomes this thought-provoking suggestion and hopes it will make people stop and question their inconsistent ... L''Ancresse Racecourse - not fit for purpose

Time: 7.45pm (duration approx. 1 hour)
Location: La Villette Hotel, St. Martin, Guernsey
Contact: Dene Stansall, A... Medical research boss in House of Lords bid to silence critics of animal experiments

The head of the organisation representing medical research charities has exploited his membership of the House of Lords to urge the government to neutralise criticism of the animal research funded by his members.

The Victims of CharityThe BHA says that the whipping of race horses must go on

Animal Aid’s Response to the BHA’s Review of the Whip

The British Horse Racing Authority’s long-awaited findings on its review of the whip are published today. The BHA was forced into the exercise because the whip... Animal Aid asks: ''Is this the worst government for animals ever?''

Circus animals; game birds; animals in markets; animals at slaughter; animals on farms; hunted species; badgers; parakeets; animals in laboratories - all have been let down by the Coalition.

As preparations for the Conservative Part... New undercover film exposes suffering, death and maggot-infestation in UK ''game bird'' farms

On a series of covert visits to ‘game bird’ farms around the country, Animal Aid’s investigators have filmed a large number of dead and ailing birds, as well as the disposal areas of some establishments crawling with maggots.



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