Carvedilol Side Effects

Carvedilol Side Effects

This form of medication which is classified as beta-blockers is very effective for the treatment of failure of the heart and rise in blood pressure and some other diseases. In fact, carvedilol side effects are almost a surety whether it is in a mild or severe form. However, a good doctor can quickly diagnose the symptoms and accordingly prescribe remedies for giving relief to the patient.

The medication is proven to treat both mild and moderate congestive heart failure although for more severe ones the doctor may or may not prescribe this drug. The drug is however used in combination with other medicine.

Relaxing of blood vessels

The medication works by relaxing the blood vessels and then subsequently slows down the heart rate to improve the flow of blood into the heart. This in turn reduces the blood pressure in patients with high blood pressure levels. In other words, the treatment is carried out in persons whose heart does not have the capacity to pump blood to all parts of the body system.

The case is serious as this can sometimes lead to heart failure and resulting in the death of the person. It is given to patients who have a weak heart due to previous heart attack he or she had. In such cases the blood from the heart is lower and the heart has to strain hard to pump. This could be dangerous as then there is always a chance of a second attack.

Carvedilol side effects are quite delicate in these cases yet the medication is essential in providing the much needed relief for the patient.

Contribution of the drug in checking Heart Problems

It is generally seen that people who suffer heart attacks are not free people in terms of lifestyles and dietary habits like the people who have had no heart attacks. This is because the heart is one of the most important parts of the human body and it is usually seen that a doctor declares a patient dead only by feeling the pulse or the heart beat. Unlike the brain which may stop functioning yet the person is said to be alive just because his heart beats. This alone is sufficient proof of the importance of the organ as a life sustaining device.

Carvedilol - The Drug

Carvedilol side effects can be serious to mild and the doctor may ask the patient to take it in the form of a tablet or a capsule. In the event of the symptoms assuming serious proportions he or she may stop the medication or recommend another medication altogether. While the treatment is on it is obligatory on the part of the patient to swallow the tablet. Under no circumstance should the person bite, chew or open the capsule form. If there is a problem with swallowing the tablet then the patient can sprinkle the content on to a spoonful of apple sauce and then swallow it that very instant. .

Carvedilol can cure any conditions with a heart problem, but can never cure it and the patient has to be careful for the rest of his or her life if he or she had suffered a heart failure. Pregnant woman or woman who has plans to become pregnant and breastfeeding woman should at once seek the advice of the doctor.

It is to be forewarned that taking this dose will make a person feel weak and dizzy. Alcohol consumption while the treatment is on is strictly prohibited and driving a vehicle, working actively on machinery or being active on the main road can lead to accidents and falls.

Carvedilol Side Effects

In my previous posts, I have spoken about creatine side effects. There are quite a few side effects associated with the intake of the drug. People who wear contact lens may find their eyes going dry and they may have to resort to their old spectacles or do without it for some days. It can cause high blood sugar as has been reported while for others it is extreme thirst, frequent urination, extreme appetite and cases of blurred vision.

Carvedilol Side Effects

Besides, there are incidents of diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and changes in vision, joint pain and cough. Many patients during their treatment of the drug have stated to their doctor about their inability to sleep and even if they tried to keep awake they felt drowsy. This is very pitiable side effect.

Among the serious side effects are fainting suddenly, feeling short of breadth constantly, sudden increase in body weight, chest pain and slow and irregular heart beats. Even more critical are the rashes that appear on the patient’s body, itching and hive which can mean that the carvedilol side effects are at their extreme and the patient has to be admitted to the hospital.

In my next post, I would be talking about the various clonidine side effects.


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