Diabetes: Winners Move Forward Again and Again

Diabetes: Winners Move Forward Again and Again

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What was it like for my son with diabetes? He was diagnosed at the age of 13 and for any teenager and even for adults for that matter it was a shock. Getting over the initial shock took some time but it was the family and support that sped things up. It was reinforced that his life was not going to change but only some adjustments were to be made, not just for him but for everyone in the family.

When he was diagnosed with diabetes he was in the eighth grade getting ready to go to high school. We were blessed as such because we lived close enough to the high school in which he was required to walk. There was no bus service so this was his daily exercise. He definitely didn’t think it was a blessing on rainy days but he did move faster.

Little Things

The thing that took time to notice was that the little things that we do will give us the best results in the long run regarding the diabetes. For example, snack on nuts rather than donuts or always wearing shoes when you go outside. My son’s body works differently than mine now so adjustments must be made or it can break down. Nobody wants that. So it is essential that look for adjustments that will work. For example, nobody goes outside without shoes on and I am the worst offender. We all support our son by abiding by the same rules. His kid brother rats me out and I get in trouble with the wife. There are consequences to be paid. I cannot stress enough how support from family and friends is essential for the healthy diabetic.

Diabetes True Story

This is a true story. My son has two friends whose mother works at the local convenience store and when he comes in has a watchful eye on him. My son went to the counter and his friend’s mother says “If you buy that then I will call your mother. Put it back and get something else and this stays between us”. Call it blackmail, I call it support. Nobody likes to have their mother called.

My wife’s family has a history of diabetes, so it really shouldn’t have been a shock but it was. It is wise to check what you family medical history is and mentally prepare. I hope that day never arrives but at least you can research on what can reduce your risks.

Winning the Diabetes

So how do I feel about my son having diabetes? He is a Winner! A winner is someone who always gets beaten down by what life throws at. Winners keep getting up and moving forward, that is what winners do. I got it easy; I get to watch him succeed with diabetes.

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