Gaviscon Side Effects

Gaviscon Side Effects

Gaviscon is a popular non-prescription medicine used for treating heart burns and gastroesophageal reflux disease. It is taken by persons who have irritable stomach acid that seeps into the esophagus and the same is used as an antacid. It has mild to moderate side effects.

This medication is often used by people as a self medication or by asking the local pharmacist. There are a few gaviscon side effects that people may come across yet there is no need for any anxiety as most of it is only temporary. However, like in the case of other medication too much of it on a continuing basis may be bad as well as there might some other problem which only a doctor can tell.

In case of any symptoms like constipation or diarrhea it is better to consult with a doctor as one cannot be sure that the side effects are associated with it or that the patient has other diseases for which he may be taking other medicines.

What is gaviscon used for?

The drug has been approved by FDA and is usually regarded as over the counter medication. It acts by forming a thick layer on the topmost portion of the stomach which has been formed after having made contact with the food contents. The effect is that due to this barrier the stomach is forced to carry on with its work inside the stomach without the content being able to escape out so as to pass back into the esophagus.

Gaviscon tablets

If on the other hand this wall or barrier is not formed then the acid will gush back into the esophagus and create heart burns that hurt most people. The tablet is also very convenient to take and can be chewed before taking it inside. After taking the tablet the person should take a full glass of water. Gaviscon side effects are quite mild yet may cause unnecessary problems if the water doesn’t flush down the chewed tablet.

Solving gastroesophageal reflux disease

Gaviscon  Effect on pregnant woman

It is quite true that the dietary habits are to be blamed for the frequency of heart burns occurring among people in general. A great majority of people are always traveling to distant places for business or other purposes and hence it has always been a habit among these people to take all sorts of food and that too at irregular intervals of time. In addition, when the whole body needs rest these people stay awake and consume food as often as they feel hungry. All this brings the stomach under intensive pressure to perform without proper timing and cause acid to form.

The main advantage the medication has is that it quickly gives an immediate relief as it starts to work inside the stomach. The liquid form is also available and this may be either taken with a glass of water or a glass full of milk. The acid neutralizing ingredients are mostly of alginic acid and sodium bicarbonate.

When this two combination go inside the stomach it establishes foam type barrier and starts to float on top of the acid in the stomach. In this way it reduces the frequency of the reflux action that brings the stomach acid up through the esophagus. It also provides a more lasting action against heart burns.

Gaviscon side effects are notable in people who are generally very weak and have a history of diseases running in their family. Besides, the person consuming the medication must tell about his past ailment to the doctor. There are chances of antacids reacting adversely with certain drugs which the patient is taking due to some other illness or disease.

Regular exercise in its natural way can reduce the acid formation in the stomach and the biggest culprit is the sedentary workplace culture where every individual in a modern organization tend to spend unlimited time before the computers.

Gaviscon side effects

The medication although mild enough when compared to prescription drugs has also its list of side effects as the same has been experienced by people who were taking it. Side effects are generally found as a form of allergy to the medication and due to other reasons as well.

Gaviscon Side Effects

Some people who have been taking the medicine for a long time has complained about their stomach being upset most of the time. This is because the stomachs of these people due to continuous intake of the drug must have developed some reaction whereby the normal stomach order has not been reinstated. This will take some time as the stomach has to adjust with its surroundings.

Belching, vomiting and loss of appetite are quite usual to a person who has taken the gaviscon tablet for long periods. But all these are curable although it would take some time for stability to rein in the stomach.

Some people have reported increased urination and a feeling of metallic taste in their mouth as these are symptoms of adverse reactions. There can be side effects if a woman is pregnant or plans to breast feed her infant. In all such cases the doctor must be consulted to avoid the risk of gaviscon side effects in these women.


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