Is a sports nutrition supplement the magic bullet for awesome sport performance?

Is a sports nutrition supplement the magic bullet for awesome sport performance?

It can be!

Talk to any expert in sports nutrition supplements and they will tell you all of the minefields that making sub-par nutrition choices put you in.

Or if you have ever seen a marathon runner that has hit the wall (i.e. no more nutrients/fuel left in their muscles), it’s not a pretty site. They look like they are totally intoxicated and barely able to stand or walk!

While many conservative sports nutritionists will tell you that everything that you need for peak performance is in the food that you eat, there is also a significant number that believe in sports nutrition supplements.

What’s the correct answer?

We can’t make that decision for you, but we can certainly provide you with some ideas so that you can make up your own mind! Let’s look at the full picture:

  • An athlete’s body is no different in structure than anyone else. The difference is that it is more finely tuned and the physical requirements placed upon it for training and competition are extreme.
  • So in order to understand the requirements and need for a sports nutrition supplement you have to start with the basics in nutrition (click here for the food pyramid) and supplementation (click here).

If you have the basics mastered then we can move on to the magic bullet question!

Sadly, because the requirements for each sport are so different there is no one supplement that meets all sports specific requirements.

So in order to determine your specific supplementation program here are some suggestions:

  • There are definite indications that specific supplements to contribute to an athletes performance (some illegal and some legal), but again you first have to break down the energy requirements for your given sport.
  • So level one would be to break your sport down into the energy requirements: i.e.
    • is it a long duration event that requires a extreme cardiovascular conditioning (cross country skiing, marathon or triathalons),
    • or is it a high intensity short duration event such as powerlifting, Olympic lifting, high jump, shot put, or discus.),
    • or is it a mixture of both such as the mid distance track events 880/1500 , wrestling, etc.
    • Then there are the game type of events such as football (all out burst of activity for 5-10 seconds and then a 20-40 second rest), or soccer (which is ½ to ¾ sprints and then a few seconds of all out sprint or activity).

      As you can see the requirements are quite different and thus some experts believe the supplementation requirements are quite different.

  • Level two (in a perfect world!) would be to determine your very own specific blood and tissue levels of the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and match them to your performance. This would have to take place over a minimum of a 6 month to 1 year period so that you could determine the trends in performance and levels of nutrients.

Seems complicated?

It is - but it is probably the most accurate method to really find out which supplements are your magic bullet!

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