NICE, France — In a camber

NICE, France — In a camber

NICE, France — In a camber of usually underneath 3 minutes, Patrick Chan schooled what it’s like to movement with a weight of a fortifying champion.

The 21-year-old from Toronto is on gait to explain his second uninterrupted universe figure skating pretension after winning a brief module Friday.

But for all a cold certainty that has carried a Canadian star to a fibre of victories that spans some-more than a year, nerves got a best of him during a Palais des Expositions. Skating to jazz square “Take Five,” Chan scored 89.41 points — about 4 points off his world-record measure for a brief module — wobbling on his quad burst and losing his change twice on his footwork.

“This is initial time I’ve kind of paid courtesy to (being a fortifying champion) given we consider people have been mentioning it. we theory if it was never mentioned, we would never unequivocally consider about it,” Chan said.

Luckily for Chan, he wasn’t a usually skater to have a severe day.

Michal Brezina of a Czech Republic, who distinguished his 22nd birthday Friday, is second with 87.67 points, while 2010 universe champion Daisuke Takahashi of Japan, who came within a integrate of inches of descending on his triple toe loop, scored 85.72 to leave him third.

Kevin Reynolds of Coquitlam, B.C., is 12th with 72.95 points.

Germany’s Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy won a pairs bullion award after Friday, while Canadians Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford were fifth, and Jessica Dube and Sebastien Wolfe finished 12th.

Chan won final year’s universe championships in Moscow in fantastic fashion, sourroundings 3 universe scoring annals en track to obliterating a field. He’s unequivocally dominated a men’s eventuality for a past 16 months.

But Chan certified he felt a clarity of requirement Friday to movement as if he owned a place.

“When we step on a ice, we have to have that presence, we feel we have to movement as if I’ve been here before,” Chan said. “But we unequivocally haven’t (been there), this is a whole opposite environment.

“I’m blissful this is done,” he added, with a demeanour of apparent relief. “I unequivocally got a ambience of it and (Saturday) I’ll be hopefully settled.”

His many unsettling impulse Friday came late in a module when he arched backwards, scarcely toppling over twice on a joint turn. The throng laughed during a demeanour of startle on Chan’s face during a slow-motion replay.

“The footwork was kind of funny. we desired a face we done in a footwork,” Chan said. “I started going forwards and we mislaid my balance. Changed to backwards, perplexing to see if that would assistance though it didn’t help. But it was fine. It’s like flesh memory kicking in, and physique core strength as well.”

His manager Christy Krall done light of his missteps.

“Always (an adventure) with Patrick,” Krall said. “As he mostly says, if you’re not on a edge, you’re holding adult too most space. That was one of those moments.

“I consider he needs a figure lesson. Back to a brackets. we don’t trust he had adequate speed going into that, he came out of a camel (spin) slow, he didn’t get his movement entrance around, and once we get that kind of low corner and we don’t have any speed, you’re going to fluff, and he did.”

Chan is perplexing to turn a initial skater to win back-to-back men’s titles given Switzerland’s Stephane Lambiel (2005 and ’06). No Canadian has won dual in a quarrel in any fortify given Elvis Stojko in 1994 and ’95.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, who claimed ice dance bullion for Canada usually a night earlier, know a vigour of being fortifying champions.

“It’s a opposite kind of pressure, we consider it’s good that he has a possibility to knowledge it, generally before (the Sochi Olympics in 2014),” Virtue said. “It’s positively a opposite feeling when we step on a ice and you’re fortifying your title.”

“He’s doing it great,” combined Moir, who’s won dual universe titles and an Olympic bullion award with Virtue. “The other thing is, and it’s a opposite conditions than us, he’s dominated a sport, he’s dominated men’s figure skating a final dual years. He’s been chaste and that’s a lot of pressure, though he seems to be doing it flattering good and I’m unapproachable of him.”

The 21-year-old Reynolds, skating to a jazzy “Chambermaid Swing” had one of a cleanest programs of a afternoon, in that he managed to stay on his feet. The Canadian landed a quad burst though didn’t accept full outlines as it was somewhat under-rotated.

“It felt a small bit equivocal to me, it unequivocally wasn’t one of my best attempts, we was a bit shaken during a start of a module and it substantially showed,” Reynolds said. “But we got into opening as it went along. (Saturday) I’m going to have to concentration on removing those quads entirely rotated in sequence to get a large points.”

Reynolds’ finish Saturday is pivotal to Canada claiming 3 berths in men’s singles during subsequent year’s universe championships in London, Ont. The sum outcome of Reynolds and Chan can’t be some-more than 13 — so if Chan wins bullion and Reynolds finishes 12th, Canada will have 3 skaters in a fortify subsequent year.

Brian Joubert of France anxious a hometown throng as a early personality with his purify quadruple burst and measure of 83.47. He pumped a fist and leapt in a atmosphere after his performance, though a 2007 universe champion and three-time runner-up eventually fell to fourth place.

Last year’s china medallist Takahiko Kozuka of Japan fell twice, circuitous adult good behind in 13th. Americans Jeremy Abbott and Adam Rippon finished ninth and 10th.

Savchenko and Szolkowy won a pairs bullion with 201.49 points, while Russia’s Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov changed adult from eighth after a brief module to explain silver. Narumi Takahashi and Regina-born Mervin Tran won a bronze with 189.69.

Duhamel, from Lively, Ont., and Radford, from Balmertown, scored 185.41 for their opening to British rope Coldplay, their usually vital fumble entrance when Duhamel singled a burst in their combination.

“Very unapproachable of ourselves this week,” pronounced Duhamel. “We came here with personal goals and a pursuit to do, we didn’t indispensably come this year to win a universe title, we came to make ourselves famous so in a destiny we will be here to win a universe title.”

Dube, from St-Cyrille-de-Wendover, Que., fell on dual throws and stumbled on a triple Salchow. She and Wolfe, from Terrebonne, Que., scored 156.36.

“Very disappointed. Sucks,” Dube said. “We had good practices and we were flattering confident, we don’t unequivocally know what happened.”

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