Nick Clark Health- Your Virtual Accountability Partner: Juice isles: Just as healthy as the candy isles!

Nick Clark Health- Your Virtual Accountability Partner: Juice isles: Just as healthy as the candy isles!

Nick Clark Health- Your Virtual Accountability Partner

What are you doing to maintain and improve your health? Nick Clark Health is your virtual accountability partner! Here we encourage a healthy lifestyle through the education and interaction of healthy minded individuals! Nick Clark Health is based out of Sacramento. Nick is one of the areas top MonaVie distributers (#938965) and Yoga Teachers!

Don''t let someone hold you down and don''t get left behind this year!

Juice isles: Just as healthy as the candy isles!

It has gotten to the point that a good majority of americans have become so naive and lazy that they no longer really understand or look at what is being put into our food and beverages. Or possibly it is because we do not think that there is any other option for us out there. Do you remember squeezing your own orange juice? Grapefruit juice? Do you still squeeze your own juice or use a juicer? If you do, that is a great option, but if you happen to have two kids, two dogs, a significant other and a job that has you working 10 hours a day in a different part of town, then how do you have the time to genuinely get the nutrients that your body needs?

You will not get it from fast food, even if it is Subway. One of the best options for you is to buy fresh produce and locally grown/baked/cooked/raised food. The other option is to truly do your research on what you are eating, what your are getting out of it nutritionally and fuel wise, and how much it costs....then take this information and search out companies that specialize in bringing you only the best of the best. These companies are out there.

For example, if you want a juice that is NOT full of artificial sugar and water, then why do we all buy Minute Maid? Have you looked at the labels on minute maid. Coca Cola owns Minute Maid. Do you think that Coca Cola has any interest in YOUR HEALTH? NO! All that Coca-Cola is worried about is how many products that they can get out to as many people as possible. This means that they will use any means and any marketing possible to sway you into thinking that they are the specialty company of the product that they serve. But, how naive are we as americans, or maybe just ill informed.

What is the trend right now? Health and wellness....right? So if any company wants to stay up with the competition they have to do a few things. First they have to produce a product that is in the boom now). Secondly, they have to distribute the product, which for a majority of all of the monster companies is through a super market(because they want to target the masses), so they have to make the prices competitive, which in turn lowers the quality of the goods in the products, forces them to add more water and more sugar. Then these products show up on our shelves and they say stuff like 100 % juice from concentrate and Antioxidants and heart health...etc. and because we know that these things are good for us, we buy them....IN MASSES....AND THEY ARE NOT GOOD FOR US. So then the waterfall continues and we get sicker and sicker, but of course we don''t ever look at anything long term, so we act like these sugar waters and foods with additives wont hurt us until magically we turn 60 years old and we have a minor heart attack, cancer, diabetes, then we are stuck trying to reverse the effects.

This process really is unsatisfactory, but who takes it upon themselves to provide alternatives, to go against the grain and tell the truth? There are people and there are companies!

These people and companies believe in producing products that are the best for the world as approaching it with the idea that they are the best in the world, but you can go ahead and say it they are the best companies in the world for what ever segment of the market they are in. These companies take the time to do the science and to specialize so that the health of their clients is their number one priority. How do you find them and how do you really know if they work? You have to reach out and study, not just overlook or judge based off of the different approach to distribution that they take. You HAVE to research and ask questions and find people with testimonials. If you do your due diligence then you can be healthier and enjoy really quality products with great feel, taste and results. Dare I say, you can even start to reverse your aging process! YES!

Really? That seems like a lot of work doesn''t it? Well, how important is your health and how much time, money, research, anguish, pain and suffering will it take when you have to pull yourself or your family out of a hospital bed because you or they are sick. Come on. Or maybe you were unfortunate to have an illness in your family or yourself, which does and will sadly happen. What are you going to do to keep it from coming back?

Laziness is the root of a lot of illnesses, don''t be caught with the status quo. Spend your time and money on things that truly matter and maybe someday you will spread the word.

What do you think? Please comment below!

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