Tips On How To Get Over Your Ex

Tips On How To Get Over Your Ex

Breaking Up
Breaking Up

Let’s face it break ups are not easy to swallow nobody wants to be rejected, no one wants to feel left over, it just doesn’t feel right specially for our ego. The truth of the matter it’s the fact that break ups do happen and we must find the right way to get ourselves over them. We must learn to let go.

Many blogs and magazines explain the different ways in which to get ourselves through a painful break up but words do come easier than action especially when the heart is involve. We all know the basic things we need to do in order to move on from our “ex” boyfriend/girlfriend such as refraining for calling them, texting them or seeing them just to mention a few. All of these suggestions are right but again painful to digest.

We all know how hard it is to leave someone’s life when we love them and care for them but sometimes we must place ourselves first. This is probably the biggest lesson of all when we finally realize we actually love this other person more than we love ourselves.

The Problem With Losing Our Identity -The moment we make another person more important than us, we are getting ourselves in trouble. Most people will agree that losing yourself over someone else is just not appealing, so you must take your confidence back. Your confidence is the first thing that gets hurt, it is the first thing that’s hard to rebuild since in many cases the foundation itself is not sold. So the moment you invest your valuable time on another human being with the hope for a future, the moment they make mistakes as we all do , the moment they take off they usually take your heart away too. The reason for this to happen is because we in the first place never really had our hearts under control. Our heart was in the open waiting to be stolen, we didn’t value it and treasure it. We didn’t nurture it and protected enough to see first the other person’s consistency. We were just hoping for a miracle.

The Origin of Break Ups -By observing a relationship’s dynamic from day first we can quite understand their ending. We all know the effect of a boomerang since it always comes back with the same intensity we throw it away. So must take that into consideration when it comes to love and romance, what you put out there comes back to you in the same proportions. You think twice before taking on the easy road. The price tag to pay its too high for the heart.

The Key Element For a Successful Relationship Start -Here is a question I want you to ask yourself. Do you know what you want or don’t want in a relationship? Are your convictions enough solid? or are you willing to change them in order to make someone’s happy?

So going to the question on how to get ourselves over a painful break up. You must first be clear about where you stand so to avoid getting the bad apples from day first. If you are already involve in a bad situation the same applies to you, you must let this other person know that you are moving on with your life and you are going to stop contacting them until you find a new lover. Please avoid the trap of being “friends” if you have feelings, it just won’t work for you in the long run.

There are also a couple of valuable things you could do in order to cut yourself loose from your ex. However, before I continue revealing all my magic secrets let me remind you one thing. You have more power you think you have.

For now think about whether or not you are willing to place yourself first and if the answer is yes then you might turn this break up situation outside down. You might be surprised how things can turn over by just doing the right things.

For more information about how to deal with a painful break up I will suggest you read the fairy tale formula by Elena Burnett eBook “5 Simple Steps to Survive a Break Up” Available in kindle in Dec 8, 2013. This is an eBook you can’t miss. Tons of valuable information that will change the way you see break ups.

Elena is a Spiritual Counselor and Relationship and Dating Specialist. Her interest in Alchemy and the Esoteric sciences spans her entire lifetime. After completing her Bachelors Degree in Metaphysics Healing Art, she took 5 intensive years in Relationships and Dating Strategies with renown Dr. P. A. and she is now certified transaction analysis. In addition, she also took Aikido and Oriental Psychology for more than 10 years. Elena’s work can be seen on Spanish-language television stations Uni vision, Mundo Fox , the Hammer Jackson Radio show, Carmen Jara Show, as well as Uni vision Radio station K-Love 107.5 , where she is a recurring guest. She has also written articles about relationship and dating issues for Single Warehouse in UK, The Indie Chicks Magazine, Smarter Dating Blogs, Urban Dater Magazine, Great Dating Blogs, Ground Report Magazine and the Spanish Fashion Magazine Trendy Berry. Elena is the creator and author of “the fairy tale formula” signature. Some of her eBooks such as “How to Find the Love of Your Life in Three Dates” and “ 5 Simple Steps to Survive a Break Up” are available at kindle and Barnes & nobles.


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