Was I Blind? Or is Network Marketing Really Starting to Catch On?

Was I Blind? Or is Network Marketing Really Starting to Catch On?

Ever since the Great Recession things in the California Real Estate market continued to be a fairly dangerous place to earn a living. Since my last posting I have been working non stop, and practically killing myself to make ends meet in real estate. I didn’t realize that the market here would continue to be so tough for so long. I recently had a fairly lucky streak of buyers which helped with some temporary financial security, but I have come to the realization that I need multiple income streams to help stabilize my finances.

If you have been to my blog in the past you know that I joined a network marketing company called YOR Health. You can read my entire YOR Health Review here. Much has happened in my life since the last posting, but not too much of it has applied to this blog. Since I have joined the company, I continue to be impressed with all aspects of what I have experienced. Unfortunately I have not been able to devote much time to writing about it, since my first priority is providing for my family which keeps me very busy.

When I joined YOR Health I didn’t really know all that much about the multilevel marketing industry, until my friend Mel was able to shine some light on things for me. But I still thought it was relatively new and NOT very well accepted. At first I thought it was bizarre and read all the “SCAM” stuff out there, but what I have discovered is that companies I never even knew were Network Marketing were all around me!

For example, several weeks ago I was explaining YOR Health to my mother, and she asked me if it was like that “knife” company? I expressed to her that YOR Health has nothing to do with knives. She went on to say that the knives that our family had been using at home for decades were purchased in the 80’s by a door to door sales person. I had no idea, and while I was on the call with her I looked it up online and found out that Cutco makes those knives, and they are a multilevel marketing company. I was shocked! This meant that yor health was not some new type of business model, and to be honest it actually made me feel better about the opportunity, since know there is a history gives me something else to pitch to people that might be worried about the risks of this type of business plan..

BUT it doesn’t stop there. Another example was when I received a call less than a week ago from Nancy, a good friend of mine. Nancy used to live here in California but moved to the Midwest about 3 years ago. She had sent me a very beautiful and stylish set of earrings and matching necklace for Christmas. About 5 days ago Nancy called me to let me know that she and her husband were going to be back out in California visiting her family. While on the call she brought up that she was in need of a vacation, and that she had just finished competing in a sales contest! This struck me as odd, because Nancy had always been a stay at home mother, and I never heard her mention in the past that she had started working a sales position. So I asked her about it, and she told me that for the past year she had been working work an Illinois based Jewelry Company.

I let her know how excited I was for her, and asked why she had never brought it up to me in the past. She paused for a sec and told me that she was waiting to tell me about it until she “knew that it would work.” I was puzzled and asked her, “knew what would work?” She went on to tell me that the company she is working with is a multi level marketing company, and she was interested in seeing if I wanted to join up with her since I had a background in sales. At this point I was almost in disbelief, I thought to myself two things: Either these types of MLM companies have been around forever and I just never noticed them, OR network marketing is really catching on and I should view this as a sign to be more focused on the opportunity I have with YOR Health.

I explained to Nancy that I had also joined a network marketing company. I told her about YOR Health, and gave her the company website. She was also surprised that I knew what network marketing was. The conversation became a little weird at that point, due to the lack of information that we each had about the opportunities of these companies, so I had recommended that we exchange company website, and see what each of the companies had to offer and then get back on a call together. She thought that was a great idea, and informed me that she would go check out the YOR Health website immediately.

After reviewing their website, I noticed that the Christmas gift that Nancy sent to me last year was indeed a product of this company. I thought to myself that it was a pretty interesting idea to sell jewelry through a network marketing company, but it looks like they do things differently than YOR Health. Looks like this jewelry company focuses on you throwing parties as part of its incentive? This seemed a little weird. The biggest difference I saw though was the way that the company compensated the agents for their company. I know at YOR Health pays over 50% of all the money it makes off the product sale to the distributors. The Jewelry Company seems to give you some money back but mainly looks like they promote giving the agents more discounts to buy more products. The opportunity was not laid out very clean on their website, so it was hard to tell exactly how I would be able to build a business with them. Aside from the way you can earn with the company is the fact that I would be selling novelty instead of something life changing, like health and nutrition. The jewelry thing didn’t seem to be what I was looking for, so I decided to call Nancy back and let her know why I thought YOR Health was a better fit for me.

So when I called Nancy back, she seemed really excited and asked me if I had a chance to go to the website. I told her that I did and I think that YOR Health was still a better fit for me. She asked me if it was because of something negative I read on Google about her company. I was baffled, and let her know that I did not search for her company. I asked her if I should and then call her back; she told me that her company has some complaints out there and wanted me to be assured that those complaints are not true.

I thought to myself, wow, talk about deja vu. I had to tell Nancy about the YOR Health scam stuff that I found that first night I did research, and how I started this blog to tell my story about this company. Nancy was not surprised that I had experienced the same thing. I let her know that I had not been very active with YOR Health for a while, simply because of the day to day struggle of my responsibilities, but she had ignited a new fire for me.

Nancy asked me if I had made money with YOR Health yet. I let her know what I really had not made any substantial commissions from the company at this time, but mainly due to my own lack of time and effort. I know once I am able to dedicate more time to this I will be able to start earning an additional paycheck. I let her know that the hardest part for me is freeing up time since the economy is so bad. I have continued to take the products and I don’t really use the products for weight loss at this point, I mainly use them for the digestion products and also the difference I have noticed in my energy and overall wellbeing.

We finished up going over the differences I saw from her company and YOR Health, and then I expressed that she should give YOR Health a chance. She let me know that she already had prior commitments to the company that she started with, but would like to research more about the opportunity benefits that YOR Health was offering over her current company. I thanked Nancy for inspiring me to take action and move towards freeing myself from the volatility of this crazy Southern California housing market.

Writing this article is my commitment to stick to this and move towards a brighter future.


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