Weight Loss Holy Grail, Celebrities Shocking Secret – Women's Health

Weight Loss Holy Grail, Celebrities Shocking Secret – Women's Health

For millions of people, especially in America, weight loss has been brought to the forefront of social concerns as obesity plagues a vast majority of citizens. Fad diets come and go nearly as fast as the days themselves; and more and more people are finding themselves struggling on their quest to figure out how to lose weight.

If you ask your friends and family about weight loss techniques, you will get a wide range of advice. Though seeing a doctor for your weight loss concerns is the best option, finding ways on your own to manage your weight is a good idea. Any doctor will you tell you that diet and exercise are important factors in the battle, but those things alone cannot always win the war. A lot of people find themselves wondering exactly what kind of diet is right for them, how much exercise is enough, and where to begin.

How to Lose Weight the Right Way

Over the years, dieters have tried everything; they have gotten rid of whole food groups, they have eaten one solitary item for months at a time, they have mixed, they have blended, they have experimented, and most of them have failed. What most dieters find is that they simply lose water weight, which is the easiest type of weight to lose; and then they simply gain it back. Dieters who cut out whole food groups from their diets suffer from an imbalance in nutrition, which often leads to nothing more than their bodies clinging to fat reserves as though it were preparing for Armageddon. Those trying to lose weight by sticking to prepackaged diet foods often end up finding themselves dissatisfied and with bigger problems than weight loss once they discover the sodium and sugar content that is in most processed diet foods. It seems as though the biggest decision dieters find themselves making is what to eat and how.

Exercise plays a huge role in weight loss too. One cannot just eat an abundance of healthy food, do no physical activity, and still expect to have their ideal body. Doing enough activity to raise your heart rate for at least a half hour per day is an important partner in the quest to lose weight. Of course, it is imperative that you not compare yourself or your progress to others, as each body operates differently. Some people find that they have genetic or glandular issues that prevent them from losing weight as quickly as others; these people often have to employ doctors and specialists to help them maintain their weight loss goals. Still others find it rather easy to shed extra pounds once they adhere to a healthier lifestyle. Regardless of your situation, it takes a strong will and determination to see success come from a new lifestyle – learning how to lose weight and maintain weight loss can be considered a lifestyle indeed.

How to lose weight fast

Weight loss takes commitment, and an understanding of what and how to eat for the betterment of your health and fitness. There are lots of books on the market; it seems as though everyone has it all figured out even though a large percentage of American citizens suffer from obesity. If you look at the average American lifestyle, food options, portion size, and ingredients used, you will find that the vast majority of food consumed by the average American citizen is made with chemicals, refiners, fillers, preservatives, and genetically modified materials during processing. This begs the question of why people still choose to eat from this tainted trough.

Overweight Americans Need to Consume More Whole Foods

There are books, TV shows, blogs, webcasts, and support groups for people who are trying to figure out how to lose weight. The popularity of a fad diet depends on how well it works for a majority of dieters; and as a result, most fad diets are not popular for very long. Some of these diets have their followers eating one food item for all their nutritional needs, while others have their followers eating everything under the sun in often nonsensical combinations. Hardly any of these methods work; the diets only end up leaving the body needing more of one thing or another. As your intake changes, your body finds ways to balance itself, so eating an unbalanced diet makes for an unbalanced body. This is why it is important to consider that it does not matter so much how much you eat as much it matters what you eat.

Physicians and nutritionists agree that eating a diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods is key to losing weight. One dieter claimed that she removed the consumption of cola from her diet and lost 28 pounds in a month. Another, stating he stopped eating anything with an ingredient level, claimed he shed 85 pounds over the course of a year. Regardless of the fact that each person’s results vary, the success of these people is truly a testament to the worth of whole foods.

Whole and organic foods seem to be making waves in the diet world. People who have switched to eating the whole or organic forms of their favorite foods are claiming that they feel better overall while enjoy the benefits of a successful diet. The absence of chemicals that can hinder the digestive, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems is one of the biggest advantages to eating organic and whole foods. Since these foods have not been processed, their nutritional integrity has not been compromised, leaving you with a balanced food that has abundant amounts of fiber, calcium, and complex carbohydrates that are essential to a balanced and healthy diet.

As we have seen, a balanced and healthy diet is the driving force behind weight loss. In essence, it does not matter whether you are “dieting” or not, your diet is the foundation for the maintenance of your health and ideal weight. If you add healthy and nutrient-fortified foods to a responsible exercise routine, you should be able to lose weight at a vigorous rate.

Finding out More

In a sea of dieting books it is not that easy to find the one that addresses your personal needs. If, after trying things on your own you find that you need the assistance of literary material, then try your local library and book store. There are books about those beloved fad diets, but what’s more is that there are books about healthy eating as well as entire sections dedicated to recipes and meal ideas. If you look around you may even spot books about creative exercise ideas; you could combine the two and find your own personal weight loss regimen.

Investing in some home exercise equipment is always a good idea, and it never hurt anyone to incorporate a workout into their daily routine. Some women, after having a child, will actually use their baby as the weight source, allowing them to shed pounds by simply doing what it is they usually do anyway. Some men will carry weights in the pockets of their jeans during a work day to help them tone their leg muscles. The options are as endless as the selection of books in which they are written.

In the midst of all this, try to keep in mind how important it is that you maintain a positive attitude. In every other facet of life, your attitude is what determines your success. Even if you don’t see immediate results, don’t give up. You should never compare your success to the success of others; find what it right for you and stick with it. Dieting does not have to rule your life as long as you let your diet do the ruling for you.


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