Who I Am  Vani Rao, MD, PLLC. - Washington, D.C.  (202) 223-8264

Who I Am Vani Rao, MD, PLLC. - Washington, D.C. (202) 223-8264

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In 1999, I graduated from my residency in psychiatry at one of the most prestigious schools of medicine in the nation, Johns Hopkins University. During my last year of residency, I served as the Chief Resident. I then went on to join the faculty at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine after completing a one year fellowship in Neuropsychiatry.

I was a professor at Johns Hopkins University until 2013. I currently lead a graduate fellowship program there, as well as continuing part-time work as a faculty member at the university. I have conducted and published research in the psychiatric effects resulting from traumatic brain injury.

I am board certified and have worked directly with patients with different types of injuries to the brain and various psychiatric issues over the last 13 years. Over the last four years, I have been a volunteer physician lending my services to non-profit organizations. Since 2002, I have served as Maryland/Washington DC’s chapter president of the IAPA, as well as serving on its Executive Committee since 2007.

I have the professional background and expertise to assist patients with all types of psychiatric issues. Call my practice located in Washington DC to schedule an appointment for a consultation today to get started on your recovery.

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