Zetia more Drug_Warning_Recalls and Zetia Side Effects

Zetia more Drug_Warning_Recalls and Zetia Side Effects

Zetia more Drug_Warning_Recalls and Zetia Side Effects. Zetia is cholesterol-lowering drug that used mainly by millions of Americans to treat high cholesterol level. Currently, people fears about the Zetia drug side effects. Zetia is an absorption blocking medication, mean that Zetia drug does not allow the body to absorb cholesterol from the food it has consumed. The older cholesterol-lowering drugs is called “statins”. It reduce cholesterol by interfering with its production in the body.

A huge clinical testing has learned that the main component in the highly advertised medicine, Vytorin, gives less or no advantage in stopping heart sickness, like other manufacturers’ products provide. The element is Ezetemibe, which stops the cholesterol being absorbed in the guts. It is being used by many Americans with the brand name of Zetia. It is also manufactured in a blend of cholesterol lowering drug simvastatin with the brand-name Vytorin. The blending of drugs has been revealed to decrease cholesterol more than simvastatin only, but that really does not interpret into a lower-risk of heart-illness.

In USA, ARBITER-6 HALTS (Trail) product was stopped early in June after it was learned that LDL-cholesterol-lowering Zetia was less effective than extended-release niacin, which raises HDL, or “excellent,” cholesterol levels, in reducing plaque build-up in the arteries.The niacin combination also reduced the number of heart attacks and deaths.

According to USNews, “This trial provides a clear and undeniable statement on the superior clinical effectiveness of niacin over ezetimibe,” study principal investigator Dr. Allen Taylor, director of Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging and the Lipid/Prevention Clinic at Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C., said at a Sunday afternoon news conference.

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In addition to the side effects common to most prescription medications such as headaches, nausea and fever, other side effects of Zetia can be much more serious.
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Zetia more Drug_Warnings_Recalls
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But, do not take more than one dose of Zetia a day. Continue to follow a cholesterol-lowering diet while taking Zetia. Question your doctor if you need diet information.
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