the Vimax Extender

the Vimax Extender

Vimax extender - the best in this penis pump category, below.

The Vimax Extender is 100 % effective: • All users who have followed the Instruction Manual have obtained an increase in penis length. Length gained ranged from 1.5 cm. (0.59 inch.) to 5 cm. (1.97 inch.) after 4 months.

• All users that have followed the Instruction Manual have undergone improvement of existing penile curvature. Improvement degree has ranged from 50% to 90% correction (straightening).

• All patients who have used the Vimax Extender as post-operative therapy following surgical lengthening of the penis obtained a more rapid increase of penis length. This is possibly due to traction also stimulating tissues that are in the initial phases of scarring. By combining surgical intervention with , the maximum effect was obtained, with a lengthening that varied from 4 cm. (1.58 inch.) to 11cm. (4.33 inch.).

Permanent and definitive effects obtained:

1. Microscopic: • An increase in the total number of cells.

2. Macroscopic: • An increase in the overall length of the penis.
• Adjustment of penile curvatures (if present).
• No change in penis shaft diameter. (Remains undiminished).
• Erectile and orgasmic capacities are not affected.
• Elongation obtained is (indefinitely) permanent.
(See Appendix 5: Clinical studies)

• Penis elongation capability depends on total time of usage, and may differ between patients. To obtain maximum results, the ViMax-Extender must be used for at least 8 to 10 hours daily and over a minimum period of three months.

• To treat Penile curvature a longer period is required, usually up to about 6 months, also wearing the device for 8 to 10 hours daily.

The Vimax Extender has been proven in clinical studies conducted since May, 1994 for Danamedic Aps., and is now widely accepted by Urologists and Plastic Surgeons as:

• A non-surgical medical method of correcting penile curvature

• A non-surgical medical method of penis elongation

• A post-surgical therapy for preventing scar contraction


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