Coming back from an injury and signing up for my dream race.

Coming back from an injury and signing up for my dream race.

Hey! I hope everyone has been having a great summer!:) I have been so busy, so a blogging break happened without me planning it.

I’ve been working a lot, I completed my 3-week internship, and I’m happy to say that I learned quite a bit. It was really cool working in a different environment than I’m used to, but I did miss my job.

I’ve been so excited because I have been back out running again.:) I never realized how much I would miss running until of course, I couldn’t run anymore. I think I ended up about two months off altogether which I think was the best thing for my IT band. I appreciate the advice everyone gave me because it was super helpful. I also got some advice from Janae since she had dealt with an IT band injury. I’ve been stretching a lot, and doing some exercises to strengthen my glutes. This post that Janae wrote is really helpful.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 12.32.04 PM

Besides getting back into running, I did something I thought I would not do until a few years later. I signed up for the Nike Women’s half marathon in San Francisco!!! Since I started running, my ultimate goal was to run this race, whether it was the half or full marathon. I seriously cannot wait! My best friend, Kate, is coming with me for the weekend, and it means the world to me that she will be there to support me.

I’m thinking that if the NWM half goes well, then I might try to run the Tulsa Route 66 half marathon also that’s about a month later. My brother, Adrian, is running the full marathon so I will probably be there anyway. I’ve never done back to back half marathons so I think it would be fun to do if my knee cooperates.:)

Who will be running the Nike Women’s marathon in San Francisco?
Are you training for any fall races? How’s it going?


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