High calorie intake and low calorie

High calorie intake and low calorie

High calorie intake and low calorie expenditure means you are gaining weight. The simple Weight Loss formula is to have lower calorie intake in comparison to calorie expenditure. Dietary control and physical activities are enough to see weight loss results. You don''t need any supplements or guidance of a dietician in order to get on with a healthy diet plan.

The basic goal of your diet must be to reduce calorie intake without causing deficiency of nutrition. Exercise can play a vital role in providing your body with energy to perform daily tasks. With the help of appropriate diet, you can Lose Weight regardless of age and health.

Losing Weight Tips

Reducing Calorie Intake – We usually gain weight by consuming high caloric foods regularly. Eating in large quantities also leads to weight gain. Start counting the calories if you wish to shed off few pounds from your body. Reduction in portion size and inclusion of low caloric foods like fruits and veggies should be the primary goal.

Complex Carbohydrates – They are known as the main energy ingredient for human body. You must have 50 to 55% daily calorie intake from sources rich in carbs. Dieters are allowed to eat vegetables, fruits, brown bread and brown rice. Complex carbs are known to keep you full for longer which helps you fight hunger and food cravings.

Ignore Added Sugar – Sugar increases calorie value. Sugar is digested rapidly which makes you feel hungry in no time. Avoid consuming all foods and drinks which contain sugar in huge amount. Processed foods mostly contain sugar in huge amount.

Limit Saturated Fats – Stay away from saturated fats as they are unhealthy fats. They seem to burn late which is why they convert into permanent fat storage.

Healthy Fats – Consuming plant fats in moderate manner is absolutely fine. You may opt for avocado and olive oil. Fish oil is also beneficial for health. The best part is that unsaturated fats seem to wash away unhealthy fats from human body.

Exercise – Workout for at least 30 minutes daily. All you need to do is to jog, swim and walk to burn fat. You may follow a proper workout session at gym if you have ample time. Workout will allow you to lose weight rapidly.

Strength Training – It allows you to maintain ideal body weight by reducing fat and increasing lean muscle mass.

Sleep – Dieters may fail if they have incomplete sleep regularly. Sleeping well is a must in every diet for weight loss. Quality of sleep defines the effectiveness of diet. Human body requires enough sleep to keep healthy metabolism rate which helps in burning fat.

Plenty of Water – Dehydration is a factor which must be avoided while Dieting and in normal day life. Drink plenty of water. It allows the dieter to keep healthy metabolism rate. Water cleanses the body from toxins and impurities.

Skipping Meals – Never skip a meal. You must eat minimum 3 and maximum 6 meals a day. You may eat in low quantity but don''t skip a meal.


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