Monthly Archive for May 2012

Monthly Archive for May 2012

Many people who regularly take medications often take them in the morning after they wake. However, current research shows this may actually not be the best time to take medication. For those people who take blood pressure medications, taking the drugs at night may actually be better for protecting their hearts than taking the medication in the morning.

In a study of over 650 patients, those patients that took their medication at night had a third less cardiac events. These could include heart attacks, strokes and heart failure. This longitudinal study occurred over five years which provides significant evidence for taking blood pressure medications at night. When one wakes in the morning, there is actually a surge in blood pressure as one transitions from rest to being awake. Having the medication in your bloodstream can deal with this spike in blood pressure.

Similar studies have also reported similar findings. In fact, evidence has been gathered to support taking other medications such as statins and antidepressants at night. However, before changing your medication schedule, check first with your physician.

No, you read that right. An orange, not just an apple, can help keep one healthy. Actually, several kinds of citrus fruits can do the trick. This would include oranges but also grapefruit and lemons. There are numerous health benefits afforded to those people who consume one of these citrus fruits daily.

Most people realize that getting vitamin C is an important reason to eat oranges. However, this also holds true for other types of citrus fruits. Oranges have 70 mg of vitamin C but grapefruit have 88 mg. Grapefruits also have a high amount of vitamin A. This is an essential vitamin to help keep one’s vision healthy. Consuming half of a grapefruit will get you 31% of your needed daily vitamin A intake.

Citrus fruits also have an important effect on your diet. All of them are high in fiber which helps to make you feel full much longer. For this reason, it is much healthier to eat an orange or grapefruit than it is to simply drink their juice. Of all the citrus fruits, oranges have the most fiber.


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