VHGI Holdings

VHGI Holdings

VHGI Holdings, Inc. VHGI Holdings, Inc. is a diverse company with assets and interests focusing on opportunities within the Precious Metals and Energy Resources Markets. VHGI Holdings is actively pursuing new opportunities within the Gold Mining Industry and the Oil and Natural Gas sector to maximize shareholder return.

VHGI intends to increase our revenue stream without adding significantly to our fixed costs through corporate involvement with different performance-based sectors of the economy through VHGI Gold. VHGI has historical operations within the Gold Mining and Ore Processing Technology industries which we intend to make use of; we believe that by leveraging the company''s current financial structure and operating history we are poised to significantly enhance shareholder value. However, our expansion within this industry will be through a conservative approach that minimizes the risks and looks to maximize the returns for our shareholders.

VHGI Gold VHGI has recently initiated steps to leverage the company''s operating history and corporate resources within the Gold Mining, Precious Metals and Energy Resources Markets through the creation of the VHGI Gold operating subsidiary. Although Gold is selling at 25 year high prices and Oil & Gas continue to be trading at significant premiums, global economic events have created significant opportunities within these markets. VHGI intends to pursue these opportunities through Lease-Purchase opportunities, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures for the goal of enhanced shareholder value.

VHGI Energy VHGI Holdings, Inc. has announced the formation of a new subsidiary, VHGI Energy, LLC. VHGI Holdings continues to surge ahead with its strategy of carefully selecting opportunities to gain entry into the established gold and energy markets. The establishment of VHGI ENERGY marks the formal entry of the company into the oil and gas industry. It has already begun dialogue with various opportunities in that industry. The company is currently focused on developing assets that are in existing production and generating revenues. The company feels that it can rapidly expand those revenues and will enhance VHGI''s growth strategy overall.

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