What do you think about health insurance policies that do not pay for necessary treatments like Elecare?

What do you think about health insurance policies that do not pay for necessary treatments like Elecare?

What do you think about health insurance policies that do not pay for necessary treatments like Elecare?

Some kids are prescribed “food supplements” by their doctors, as the children will die or fail to thrive or have lots of learning disorders and other issues if they do not have a correct nutrition that they cannot have from foods. What do you think about this? I just saw this on a news story about a working couple whose daughter needs Elecare, but it costs $1200 a month, and the insurance will not cover it.

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Of course, it is a shame. Sadly it is a free marketplace for insurance. Instead of universal coverage, we pick and chose policies based on cost. Their policy may have been a good deal when no one was sick – aren’t they all? – but now they are suffering from a lack of coverage which may have been stated in the benefits pamphlet somewhere in the fine print.

So, should the drug companies be privatized? I don’t think that is the answer but some sort of price controls should be allowed if they are being given grant money for research from the government to find new drugs.

Huba: The drug companies are “privatized”. That is the problem, you can be refused for preexisting conditions, risks they suspect due to family history, environmental hazards, your job. The insurance companies “cherry pick” then they find ways to deny care. We need a big change in health insurance and pharmaceutical company controls.

I think its unfortunate a baby needs $1200 worth of formula to live. The hard truth is that health insurance doesn’t cover most formula, supplements or drugs that are available over the counter. I think if a plan or group wants coverage for OTC items, they should buy a rider for those types of items. . . Not covered, is not covered. . . You get what you pay for.

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