Adderall Side Effects and Your Child

Adderall Side Effects and Your Child

Adderall Side Effects and Your Child

Adderall Side Effects and Your Child. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is currently conceived to be experienced only among children. In fact, suffering from ADHD in the early stages of life may take the merit to its diagnosis among adults. Hence, children who are suffering from ADHD need immediate treatment so as not to carry on the disease through adulthood.

With that, many of the cases of ADHD are put under certain medications. To effectively manage, control or improve an ADHD patient’s behavior, doctors usually turn to drugs. Adderall is one of the most popular and commonly prescribed drugs that are commonly used in treating and managing ADHD.

Adderall is a drug that was proven effective in managing the symptoms of ADHD among children and adult patients. Depending on the dosage, the beneficial effects of the drugs include improved academic performance among patients of school ages, better behavior, and overall improved performance. The drug was even declared to be more potent than any other drugs used to manage ADHD as it was observed to have a longer period efficacy especially in low dosages.

While many patients benefit from adderall medications, there are a number of cases of minor to serious adderall side effects. The symptoms of the drug’s side effects are usually minor and can easily be treated by a healthcare provider.

Adderall is a clinically tested and proven effective drug. However, through its series of clinical testing, a number of its side effects have been documented. Common Adderall side effects include loss of appetite leading to weight loss, difficulty sleeping, abdominal pain, high blood pressure, emotional changes, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, increased heart rate, fever and heart burn.

Patients with heart problems and other health conditions must take caution in taking adderall medications. Among children, there is a documented case that adderall medication has caused temporary slowing down of growth, particularly in weight. Further research have discovered increased cardiac defect as one of the drug’s rare side effects.

To minimize the risk of Adderall side effects, medications are usually given at strictly controlled dosages. Patient’s who are given such medication for the first time will be instructed to take low dosages just to see if there is any sign for side effects.

The extent of the drug’s side effects varies from patient to patient since they depend on the individual body’s reaction to the composition of the drug. While Adderall side effects are typically minor, worsening or untreated ‘minor’ side effects pose serious health risks particularly among patients with heart conditions and high blood pressure.

In February 9, 2005, the Heath Canada decided to suspend the sales of Adderall XR after its manufacturer, Shire Pharmaceuticals, received reports that linked the drug to the 12 sudden death cases of American children who were under adderall medication. Later on, the ban was lifted due to the limited evidence supporting the claim.

However, one thing is clear- adderall is never the perfect drug that will solve every patient’s behavioral queries and the long term effects of Adderall are not known. Thanks to modern science, ADHD patients are given more options for treatment. Now, with safer, effective and less invasive solutions to behavioral treatments, patients can very well stay away from the dangers that psychiatric drugs such as adderall have.

The negative side effects of Adderall and other prescription medicine for ADHD are the main reason that parents are opting for alternative treatments. These treatments include behavioral therapy, herbal and homeopathic remedies, and diet control. If you don’t know what the long term effects of Adderall are, why would you want to take the chance with someone you love.

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