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Order Product - Contact Us

Thank you for arriving at my contact page.

I do hope the information that you have seen throughout my website has been both interesting and uplifting.

We really are trying to make a difference in the world, by improving everyone''s quality of life without the use of medications, drugs or stimulants.

If you would like to order LifeWave products, I''ll be happy to assist you, which includes
personalised advice and support to ensure you receive maximum benefit from all products.

Our London based team are passionate to make as many people as possible aware of the life changing benefits of LifeWave products and I personally wish to make them as affordable as possible, so for a limited period, I am able to offer wholesale prices of up to 40% lower than the retail prices, listed below.

Or if you wish, I have available the following sample packs.

  • Energy, IceWave, Silent Night MD & SP6-Appetite Control (10 patches @ £25 & 15 patches @ £40)
  • Combination packs of Y-age (Glutathione, Carnosine & Aeon), 10 patches of each @ £65

    Please enter your details here with a brief description of your needs and requirements so I may contact you.

    Alternatively if you wish to order Lifewave products direct from our corporate website, at retail price, please follow these steps:
    • Go to the company website: www.lifewave.com
    • Select language
    • Click on ‘Buy Now’ (top right)
    • In the ‘New Customers’ section (right), enter my I.D no. 768788
    • Select ‘Country for Shipping’ and press continue
    • Choose which products you’d like, from the ‘Product Categories’ (left)
    • ‘Add to Cart’
    • In the next page, Click on ‘I am a new customer’ and press ‘Continue’
    • Complete the application form
    • A page saying ‘Customer account created, Congratulations’ will appear
    • At the bottom ''Click here'' to continue shopping and checkout.
  • LifeWave patches: £80

  • LifeWave Matrix: £80

  • LifeWave Theta Activate: £73

  • LifeWave Theta Nutritional Supplements: £88

    Prices are in total and include VAT & shipping.
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