Preparing breakfast for pregnant mothers with foods from vegetables - The Child Health Blog

Preparing breakfast for pregnant mothers with foods from vegetables - The Child Health Blog

Preparing breakfast for pregnant mothers with foods from vegetables

Breakfast is considered very important to everyone, to have the perfect beginning in day . During pregnancy , breakfast extremely important , they help complete a nutrition for both mother and baby healthy . But not all food is consistent with the breakfast. Lets preparing breakfast for pregnant mothers with foods from vegetables with

Green vegetables rich in folic acid

Vegetables are darker often contain high levels of vitamin . In all kind of vegetables , the cabbage are good sources of calcium , folic acid -rich broccoli , fiber and antioxidants .

Another reason that pregnant women should take vegetables in breakfast , because breakfast is the meal provided approximately 50 % of the body of nutrients throughout the day . Eat more vegetables for breakfast while pregnant will support the digestive system and help the body excrete toxins better .

The products from wheat added the fiber for body

The products from flour such as bread , cereals are good hint for the breakfast of pregnant women . Wheat flour can give pregnant women from 20 35 grams of fiber each day . Not only that , in the flour also contains lots of iron and zinc which good for the development of the fetus .

According to health experts , the pregnant woman should eat bread or whole grain not add sugar . Of course , depending on personal tastes may pregnant mother served with peanuts , raisins or honey .

The products from beans added a large amount of calcium for body

During pregnancy , the demand for calcium is tremendous. Therefore, soy milk and products made ​​from beans is an optimal choice that is recommended in the breakfast of pregnant women. Also, a glass of warm milk before bed can also help pregnant women sleep better .

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C help fight inflammatory effective

Dessert with strawberries after breakfast also very beneficial to the health of pregnant women . In the strawberries contains vitamin C , potassium and manganese helps fight inflammation and support the mothers bones are strong.

Regularly eating strawberries can help reduce joint pain during pregnancy . In addition, strawberries are also rated as fruits containing folate helps prevent birth defects in the fetus as well.

Red beans helps reduce fatigue during pregnancy

Rated as one of the foods that contain high levels of oxidants , red beans can help pregnant mother escaped the risk of many diseases . Not only that , red beans contain high levels of omega 3 and protein. Also, the amount of vitamins in the red beans can help strengthen the immune system and help pregnant women avoid the risk of pregnancy fatigue .

Pregnant women can use red beans to soup or stew to eat porridge for breakfast will help prevent constipation , limiting hot inside body .

Lean meat is rich in iron and is easily absorbed by the body . Iron plays a role very important in the process of transporting oxygen and synthesis of RBC cells. Eat lean meat also helps mothers elected to provide enough blood for the development of the fetus . So few pieces of lean meat for breakfast or a pregnant woman is recommended in the diet .

With the above hints of , preparing breakfast for pregnant mothers with foods from vegetables will be extremely simple. Refer carefully and go to the kitchen to prepare an excellent breakfast. Certainly the pregnant mother will feel great with this dish.

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