The total Flint River Ranch (FRR) business opportunity is simple — a solid service, sharing and marketing plan. It offers the individual an extra income source and premium quality consumable products for pets which ensures repeat sales. FRR observes the same marketing and advertising costs involved in all product sales; however, FRR prefers that these funds be paid to individuals who make this business happen, therein lies the opportunity. A program designed to kindle the spirit of enterpeneurship without the usual large start-up costs of conventional businesses.

To succeed in FRR requires working on a consistent basis. It is up to the individual to determine how much effort to put into it. Compensation is directly related to individual productivity and the productivity of other individuals in the group. Some individuals 1) Prefer retail business from their own customers (retail income); 2) Others prefer business from a group of individuals who generate their own customers (bonus income for you) and 3) some follow both methods (1 and 2 above). For any of these methods, you must have 100 units of PV from your own purchases and/or those of your customers in any month to qualify for the commission check for that month. See the order form for Units of PV. For example, if you and/or your customer order five — 20 lb. bags of dog food during the month, this counts as 100 Units of PV and you qualify for the commission check.

Please look at the marketing plan to determine the amount of income you want from FRR and how you would put this into effect. I can help you understand how to do this, so please call me.

There is no buy-in fee or inventory is required (FRR will drop-ship to your customers). You will be an independent contractor for FRR. You can start on a part-time basis. It takes time to learn the business to effectively share it with others. As an independent contractor, you are responsible for your operating costs such as samples and printed literature for your customers. I am here to assist you by answering questions and giving your ideas that will grow your FRR business.

Linda Mower, Flint River Ranch Ind. Dist. VF11



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