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Wellness Program Ideas for Companies Big and Small Savvy Health and Wellness

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Here are seven ideas for a wellness program that won’t break the company budget. incorporated at high-profile companies like Google, Marriott International and Deloitte are well documented. But you don’t need to own a multi-billion dollar company to start a company program. A small to medium enterprise can make small adjustments to enhance the health and wellbeing of their staff here are seven simple changes you can make without denting the company budget.

Subsided gym membershipsSome larger companies may have an on-site gym but a lot of smaller businesses will not be able to exercise this option. An economical way to encourage employees to work out is to organise a corporate discount for a nearby gym. Most gyms offer attractive company discounts and incentives like no joining fees. Before employees undertake a fitness regimen, they should make an appointment with their doctor for a general check up.

Offer health checksYou can also offer free confidential health checks in the workplace. Your health insurance company or a third party may be able to provide assessments based on questionnaires employees fill out and simple health checks. This may include checking their cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels. Other ways to support the good health of your employees is to offer immunisation shots such as flu shots.

Corporate health plansYou can also promote the health and wellbeing of employees by organising a corporate discount with a major health fund. Most health funds offer corporate health insurance solutions. Speak to all the major insurance companies and find out about the company discounts and health insurance options they can offer. They may offer extra incentives such as waiving waiting fees and customised health plans.

Provide healthy alternativesIf you do have a cafeteria onsite you may want to offer healthy options or subsidise the healthy choices to encourage employees to eat better. Other ways you can promote better eating habits is having nutritious alternative available in the vending machine such as health bars and low calorie treats. Some companies also have fruit readily available for employees for delicious breakfast treats.

Keep employees hydratedThe water cooler is not just a place for employee bonding and socialising, it also encourages employees to drink the recommended eight glasses of water per day and saves them money in buying bottled water. Ensure that the water coolers are placed in easily accessible spots for all employees, the water bottles are filled regularly and there is a constant supply of plastic cups.

Encourage employees to take breaks and holidaysCompanies who are endorsing health and wellness ideally should also be encouraging employees to take ‘power breaks’ during the day, take their annual leave entitlements and avoid working overtime if possible. If employees are constantly working over their allotted hours, this should be addressed. Encourage staff members to step away from their computers during their breaks and have lunch outside the office.

Lead by exampleIf you want a corporate wellness program to be embraced by staff members and to be taken seriously, then it is has to start with your top-level executives and filter down to the rest of the staff members. Appoint key members of staff such as the CEO, head of marketing, sales director and so forth to champion the wellness program and encourage their team and other members of staff to follow their positive example.

As well as an interesting job role, salary and other fringe benefits, employees are starting to evaluate prospective companies on their commitment to a work life balance and how they support their employees both professionally and in their personal lives. If you want to attract the best employees to your workplace, you need to take a holistic approach and start thinking about starting a wellness program if you haven’t already done so.

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