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What's your opinion?

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Burn Fat By Stopping Snoring
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Are you having trouble falling asleep and waking up? Then do not despair, there is a chance you might be suffering from Insomnia. What is insomnia? Insomnia is a sleeping disorder when people usually have trouble falling or staying asleep. It can be from mild to extremely severe and can lead to serious health problems [...]

Counting sheep? Whose idea was that anyway? I tried it the other night when I was desperately trying to fall asleep. At about sheep number 36 my exhausted mind morphed those benign cuddly beasts into fanged rodent-like creatures that chased me through a blighted urban landscape that looking alarmingly similar to Camden. Needless to say [...]

At the Atlantic Health Sleep Centers people are learning to dream away extra pounds. I don’t mean “daydream.” I mean the kind of dreaming that occurs only during the deepest, most relaxing night of sleep. And it is exactly that fully restful night’s sleep that the sleep center encourages. Men, women, and children of all [...]

A friend of mine has consumed 2 liters of Diet Coke a day since he was in college. During these past 30 years of consumption he has happily put away approximately 730 liters a year for a grand total of 21,900 liters of his favorite beverage. Staggering numbers that no doubt the PR department at [...]

Did you ever notice that right around bedtime the number of fast food commercials goes up? Or they promote being open all night? Late night eating is a big business and a big problem. And it’s directly connected to chronic sleep issues. Think about it, you’re watching television in the evening and feeling tired and [...]


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