250 Million Year-Old 'Magnesium Oil' Is Newest Health Aid - Articles & News About Health

250 Million Year-Old 'Magnesium Oil' Is Newest Health Aid - Articles & News About Health

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250 Million Year-Old ''Magnesium Oil'' Is Newest Health Aid

San Ramon, CA (PRWEB) Monday, November 19, 2007 -- Ancient Mineral Used For Body Detoxification.

You wouldn''t think that anything buried 1.25 miles deep in the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Europe for over 250 million years would have any practical value today, but then you''re not Dr. Mark Sircus, OMD, Ac, author of the book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, and Director of the International Medical Veritas Association.

It seems that the doctor himself was quite surprised to discover that a naturally occurring substance called magnesium chloride seemed to have the ability to normalize cellular magnesium levels, resulting in immediate muscle and joint pain relief, while also encouraging healthy skin tissue, relieving symptoms of stress and generally improving people''s mood.

Not really an oil, but a highly-saturated presentation of magnesium chloride that takes on an oil-like texture, the ancient mineral product actually detoxifies the body when applied directly to the skin, added to a warm bath or used as a foot soak.

According to Dr. Sircus, "There is no substitute for magnesium in human physiology; nothing comes even close to it in terms of its effect on overall cell physiology. Without sufficient magnesium, the body accumulates toxins and acid residues, degenerates rapidly and ages prematurely."

The magnesium oil, available under the brand name Ancient Minerals, combats the effects of low cellular magnesium levels. The body requires sufficient levels of magnesium to support normal cell growth, and there are scientific indications that low magnesium levels can be a causative factor in a large array of serious health complications.

Our environment, and the foods that we eat, introduce a great number of harmful metals and chemicals into our bodies. Because our skin is the body''s largest organ, and the one that is most accessible without using invasive procedures, Ancient Minerals magnesium oil can be applied directly to the skin where it is naturally absorbed by the underlying tissues.

"In the entire world of alternative medicine I have never run across such a pure powerful substance as Ancient Minerals magnesium oil," Dr. Sircus said, and "It is quite clear that Ancient Minerals is the purest, naturally occurring magnesium chloride oil available anywhere," he added.

The original 100% pure Ancient Minerals magnesium oil is available from LL''s Magnetic Clay Baths (http://www.magneticclay.com) in convenient 8oz and 64oz sizes. Visit the web site to learn more about the health benefits of this 250 million year old ancient mineral remedy.

This press release has been reprinted from PRWEB per the terms and conditions of the copyright notice.

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