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Are you dreading the return of allergy season? While everyone else is enjoying the warm spring weather and blooming flowers, you may be concerned about a runny nose, itchy eyes, or wheezing and coughing. But if you look around your home, there may be ways to help you avoid your troublesome allergy symptoms. Here are some ways to help you avoid allergies and enjoy the return of spring.

Sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from the bright sunshine, but will also help protect your eyes from pollen, which is most widespread during the spring. Found in flowers, pollen is also a common allergen that circulates through the air and may be behind some of your allergy symptoms. By protecting your eyes from pollen, you may be able to reduce the itchy, watery feeling that pollen can cause.

Air-conditioning will eliminate the need to have the windows open, which will limit the amount of pollen that drifts in through open windows and doors. You can also use a dehumidifier to dry out the air inside your home to prevent the growth of mould.

Some items like pillows, blankets, carpets and curtains can collect dust, which breeds dust mites, a common allergen. Buy household items that are built to limit the amount of dust they collect and are also made of synthetic fibers to limit skin irritation.

If you can, avoid all known sources of your allergies. You may find it helpful to visit an allergist to determine the exact cause of your allergies, and therefore know what to avoid. Just by avoiding your specific sources may rule out the need for medication.

When the seasons change, make sure to give your home a deep clean. Cleaning out several months’ worth of dust and grime will make your house feel fresh and clean again, particularly after the winter, when everyone has been cooped up inside. That way, the dust won’t pile up through the months and years and create allergy problems for you. To maintain the cleanliness, do a light cleaning once a week or as needed, including mopping the floors, dusting and vacuuming. This will limit the build up of allergens like dust, pollen, and animal dander.

Some people find that they are allergic to the very products we use to keep a home healthy and clean. Most often, the chemicals used in cleaning products are associated with allergic reactions and irritations. However, specialist cleaning products for allergies sufferers are available from a variety of places, including pharmacies, department stores and specialty kitchen suppliers. These items will help you keep your space clean without making your allergies worse.

Don’t let allergies ruin spring for you. Take steps to prevent allergies before they get a chance to take hold so that you can enjoy the spring weather too! Please remember to seek advice from your GP if you have any questions about allergies.

Chris is a GP and father of two and knows first hand how effective taking steps to prevent allergic reactions can be.

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