Organic Foods: Why You Should Buy Organic Meat

Organic Foods: Why You Should Buy Organic Meat

It costs more money to buy organic meat than it does to buy “regular” meat, but many people still buy organic because these animals are treated better. But there are more considerations that might encourage you to shell out a few extra dollars for organic meat, and one of these considerations is your health. When it comes to a comparison of what goes into producing organic meat and what goes into producing cheaper meat, you can begin to see why organic meat is so much healthier. After all, it only makes sense that animals kept in healthy conditions are healthy animals, and healthy animals translate into healthy meat.

Up until November of 2010, there was no way to purchase organic meat and know just how “organic” the meat truly was. After all, if a company did not feed their animals hormones to make them unnaturally bigger, they could stamp the meat as “organic.” This meant that some companies marked their meat “organic” and hiked up the price by doing the bare minimum necessary and still keeping their animals in unhealthy conditions. All of that changed last November, however, when – in an effort to make sure consumers knew what they were buying – the Global Animal Partnership teamed up with Whole Foods.

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The purpose of the Global Animal Partnership – which is a non-profit organization – is to promote animal welfare, especially among animals raised for the purpose of being “organic” meat. And now, in their partnership with Whole Foods, they take steps to certify the level to which all the meat sold is organic. The Global Animal Partnership website and Whole Foods website each list the five “steps” of organic meat, as well as what each of the five steps means. Once you are equipped with this knowledge, you can shop for meat knowing just how healthy the animal’s conditions were, and how healthy the meat will be for you.

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Some people choose to buy organic meats because they are concerned about animal welfare; but for those with whom this is not the case, they may still buy organic meat simply because they care about their own welfare! Whatever the case, consider making the switch to organic meat yourself – whether for the animals, or even just for your own health!


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