Some Good Makeup Tips

Some Good Makeup Tips

How I can apply my makeup and mascara properly if this is my first time using makeup?

I want to know how I could successfully apply makeup and masks to look cute and sexy. I also want to know how to put your lips as well. Also, how to remove makeup and mascara and pencil labial later when I get home? Can someone please help me with how to apply makeup?

With mascara only to hold the brush to the eye and blink for coating the eyelashes. Repeat a few times. Then, with a highlighter or blush, suck your cheeks and feel throughout cheekbones. Apply the / blush beneath cheekbones rapidly moving back and forth. Of eyeliner: Take pen in hand and standing in front of a mirror. Close one eye. However, be sure not to carry out close with your fingers or pull the lid. Place the pen tip on the top internal the eyelid. Outward movement pencil, draw a line as close to the lash line as possible. If you can not draw a straight line in a section, use short. The line is drawn should be fine in the inner corner of eye and thicker at the outer corner. Now place the pencil at the bottom eyelashes at the outer corner of the eye. Moving towards a pencil, draw a line as close to the lash line as possible. Again, make sure the line is thin inner corner and outer corner, is thicker. If you want a softer look, you can blur the line with the end of stylus or fingertip. If not, the work is done with the previous step. Lipstick: The bottom layer of the lips and rubbed on the upper lip. Apply the gloss to the top a shiny ask his mother for more information

What are the best colors of lipstick from a black woman to make lips look natural?

What are the best colors lip stick with a black woman lips. colurs that will make lips look more attractive and maybe sometimes natural.

a nice beige with a little pink in it. try mac sandy beach. You can also use a silky clear about it.


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