The development of pregnancy : 6th week - The Child Health Blog

The development of pregnancy : 6th week - The Child Health Blog

The development of pregnancy : 6th week

At the 6th weeks of pregnancy , the baby began to have arms and legs. The size of the baby has doubled since last week and the mothers uterus has doubled in the previous 5 weeks . Together find out if the body of baby had perfected the somewhat with through the following article.

In this week , the hands and feet of your baby are protruding from the arms and legs , looks like the oars . In fact , your baby has only seen as an embryo and has the remains of a small tail , is the extension of the coccyx . The tail will disappear in a few weeks and it is the only part going smaller. Baby has doubled in size since last week and longer than 1cm .

       6 weeks pregnant has size similar to a peas

Eyelid folds are covering partially the eyes of the baby. You have probably seen your childs eye color , as well as the nose and small veins of the darling under the skin fragile . Both hemispheres of the baby are developing , and liver are creating red blood cells until the bone marrow be formed and take on this role . Baby also had appendicitis and pancreas , which would create the hormone insulin . A little piece of intestine is develop into the umbilical cord , has blood vessels to bring oxygen and nutrients to and waste away from the babys tiny body.

How does the life of mother changes ?

Your uterus has doubled in the previous 5 weeks. Eating can be difficult due to frequent morning sickness . You may urinate more than usual due to increasing blood volume and liquid volume kidney need to handle also increases.  Now you are increases about 10 % of blood than before pregnancy . And in late pregnancy , there will be about 40 to 45 % of blood to meet your babys needs . Because your uterus is greater so pressure on the bladder and makes you want to go to the toilet more .

About half of women feel nauseous during the first 3 months of pregnancy and the end in the 14th week . In fact , studies show that the frequency and amount of urine tends to increase during pregnancy .

Activities of the 6th weeks of pregnancy

If you are a nostalgic , taking a picture to retain . Photographs should be taken before your belly starting bigger. Then continue shooting once a month until the baby is born . This is a great way to monitor your pregnancy , and you will have many memories . Want your pictures more special , you just wear the same costume , standing in the same place , and posing with a pose for the photos . Black and white or half-naked photos is more beautiful and special .

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